Cardiac Soup Diet

We should be very conscious about our heart health because heart is the main organ of living thing which pumps the blood throughout our blood vessels to our several parts of body. It pumps 4.7-5.7 liters of blood per minute. The human heart is divided into four chambers two inferior and two superior.

Cardiac Soup Diet

Cardiac Soup Diet

There are many people who are suffering from cardiac diseases nowadays. Because everybody is very busy in their routine life and they do not give much time to their health and have neglected many things which may severely put daunting affect to their health.

Our article Cardiac soup diet also relates to the cardiac or heart health. Human being should take very good care of their diet as unhealthy or poor diet may lead your health at a greater risk. Balanced or healthy diet reduces the risk of several dangerous diseases such as diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, heart attack, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol diseases.

The trends of eating fast foods such as fried chicken wings, French fries, fried chicken, fried meat or any types of fried items and ready made food items are very common which become the major reason of storing extra calories and fats to their body. These types of fatty food may become the reason of heart diseases in future.

So in order to get rid of these types of life threatening disease you may need to change your lifestyles. If a person is facing a serious health problem of cardiac disease then he/she should work hard for adopting healthy lifestyles. Try to take soup diet as Cardiac soup diet is the best liquid diet which is beneficial for the patient of heart. Make your proper workouts and meal plan as well. Try to strictly follow both of the plans as your health is the most precious asset.

Exercises plans may include: walking ,slowly jogging, yoga and meditation, cycling, cardiac exercises by the help of health trainer or instructor, swimming are the best exercises for the patient of heart. Your meal plan is also very important as leafy unsalted fresh vegetables, dry fruits which are cholesterol free, fresh fruits, pulses, white meat, are the best sources of balanced diet.Immediately skip those foods which are full of calories and fats.

Soup diet is the best diet for the cardiac patient. Our today’s article Cardiac soup diet contains one of the best recipes of soup diet. The healthy diet plan should also be followed strictly. Your diet should be full of nutritional elements and helpful minerals as our soup diet recipe contain all of the necessary nutrient and minerals which is beneficial for your heart health. The soup diet recipe is discussed as under:

Cardiac soup diet:

Preparation time: 2 hours


 Tomatoes: 2 large.
 Garlic: 5 cloves.
 Ginger: size of 1 inch.
 Green Onions: 1 bunch.
 Green peas: half kg.
 Carrot: 2 small.
 Chicken: 1 kg with bones.
 Cumin seeds: 1 tsp.
 Black pepper: 15 16 seeds.
 Turmeric powder: ¼ tsp.
 Water: 3 liter.


Cut green onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and carrot into small pieces. Peel off the green peas and wash all the ingredients properly. Pour 3 liter of water in a cooking pan. Put all the ingredients into the pan including all vegetables, chicken meat, cumin seeds, black pepper seeds and turmeric powder. Boil till 1 liter of water left in a cooking pan. When the soup is ready, strain the liquid and then put it in a serving bowl. Garnish with some mint leaves and lemon. The cardiac soup is now ready to serve.

I hope you will also try this Cardiac soup diet at your home as this diet is also helpful for the obesity patient.