Cardiac Diet Recipes

Millions of heart patients are looking for various diet recipes to improve their blood circulation system active and smart. Heart performs a key role of pumping the blood to all body parts and is regarded as the key player in the team of organs.

Cardiac Diet Recipes

Cardiac Diet Recipes

There is no one reason when your heart fails to perform accurately, one is when you eat cholesterol food items, carbohydrates enriched foods. Second is when you hear very shocking news and it puts a sudden attack to your heart. Third when you encounter an accident which causes severe pressure to your heart and its valves. Fiber enriched foods are always recommended because it helps a lot in reducing the extra fats accumulating in the body.

Chest fat, belly fat and blood cholesterol rise often causes the heart failure problems. That is why; we are covering Cardiac Diet Recipes in this article.

Cardiac Diet Recipes should include fiber, vitamins, proteins and minerals which you can easily achieve via vegetables, fruits, white meats etc. We strongly recommend you that you should avoid meat and beef because these contain a higher portion of cholesterol. Tuna, cottage cheese, broccoli, banana, ice cream in low quantity, apple and hardboiled egg can help you a lot in reducing the chances of cardiac.

We are going to share with you an interesting Cardiac Diet Recipes named Apples with Dip. We need following ingredients for preparing this recipe. You are instructed to please use high quality ingredients.


Lemon juice – half cup
Peanuts – Chopped – teaspoon
Sliced 2 big size apples
Vanilla – one tablespoon
Brown sugar – 4 tea spoon
Cream cheese – eight ounces – fat free

Preparation Method

The preparation method to make this diet recipe is very easy. You will get brilliant taste. Only condition is that you follow the instructions as it is and do not forget even a single step. Keep your mind attentive while reading and applying the guidelines.

Keep the cream open on the counter, this helps a lot in making the cream softer and will make your recipe even more delicious. Maximum time for softening the cream cheese is around 10 minutes to 15 minutes. You cream cheese should be soft in this time otherwise we doubt that the quality is not good.

After that, mix cream cheese, brown sugar and vanilla in a suitable size bowl. Make sure you take a proper size bowl so that the mix can be prepared easily. Mix well this mixture until it gets smooth perfectly. Add to this, chopped peanut and continuously stir the mixture. Take the sliced apples in another spacious bowl and spray lemon juice over the surface of the apples slices. This is being done to stop apples getting brown after passage of time. Your Cardiac Diet Recipes is ready to serve.

This cardiac recipe is very beneficial for heart patients and works greatly for heart patients, obesity patients, diabetes patients and for any other person who is looking to control his or her weight. The key to success is commitment.